in Τα κρατικά αρχεία της μυκηναϊκής Πύλου

συλλογή Na

CLASS Na Texts of the class Na are characterized gy the presence of the ideographic SA, and by related formulae, and belong to the group of long, narrow tablets. The majority were probably written by a single hand (hand 1), and the proportion of tablets cut at one (or both) ends is high. The tablets in another hand are Na 337, 561, 1027.


Na  66


.Α                  e-re-u-te-]ra      ΛΙΝΑΡΙ  16

.Β                  e-re-u-]te-ra      ΛΙΝΑΡΙ  6


e-re-u]-te-ra:cf. Na 529.


                     ἐλεύθερα      ΛΙΝΑΡΙ  16

                     ἐλεύθερα      ΛΙΝΑΡΙ  6



ΛΙΝΑΡΙ  16.  

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